West Coast Bay Area

Joya Aphrodite Beach Bar & Restaurant

Gaziveren   82 m

Probably the best restaurant by its service, quality and tastes. You can try our amazing Indian Cusine, eat fish next to pool with sea views, enjoy a snack if you want something light. A wine at amazing Gaziveren Sunset is a must try enjoyment. We can serve your order to your room!

+90 (548) 8815111

Livadia Restaurant

Gaziveren   576 m

Enjoy a traditional Cyprus meals at this stonehouse style restaurant just 100 meters from Aphrodite. Serving traditional kebaps, and oven baked pizzas and Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza). Kids can enjoy feed the chickens and birds, or play in the nicely landscaped grass garden.

+90 (548) 8665278

Ciftlik Evi Restaurant

Gaziveren   550 m

Enjoy a traditional ciftlik (turk. farm) meal at this farmhouse style restaurant just 100 meters from Aphrodite. Serving traditional kebaps, steak, borek and even oven baked pizzas, everyone’s taste buds will be satisfied. It is not just a meal on offer at Ciflik Evi: the kids can enjoy a peek at the animal farm and even feed the chickens, or play in the garden and couples can enjoy a romantic horse ride on the beach at sunset.

Argonya Breakfast Restaurant

Doğancı   2.09 km

You can have one of the best traditional must-try breakfast with all village ingredients fresh from the region. 5 minutes away from Aphrodite. Please contact the Aphrodite's Visitor Liason for reservations to ensure a table.

+90 (542) 8631760

Mustafa’s Restaurant

Gaziveren   2.17 km

Serving Steaks, traditional kebaps, Sauced chicken dishes. You can enjoy your meal next to amazing orange fruit trees.

+90 (533) 8662591

Lara Restaurant

Guzelyurt   12.19 km

Serving traditional Cypriot Kebaps with mezzes, very attractive prices with quality food. You can enjoy your meal under grapewine.

+90 (542) 8555421

Mel & Mer Restaurant & Cafe

Lefke   7.75 km

Family owned and professionally managed by a couple which are Tourist Guides of Cyprus. Very tiny entrance opens to a great lounge with a nice balcony on the sea. Serving home made cakes with many different types of pot teas and coffees. Breakfast and salads are must try. Dont forget to book if you wish to have breakfast at the balcony!

+90 (548) 8680818

Pizza Vira

Guzelyurt   8.59 km

Probably the cheapest restaurant on the Island and quality food. Clean and nice designed a-la-carte restaurant. All family members can be satisfied with the menu. Dont forget to try their Fried Ice-Cream!

+90 (392) 4443434

Domino Restaurant

Guzelyurt   8.45 km

If you are having a Guzelyurt City Tour, this is the best place to have your lunch. They are the best place to try famous Cypriot Chicken Dolma! (Tavuk Dolma). Very nice family owned a-la-carte restaurant with very reasonable prices.

+90 (392) 7141964

Ambeli Restaurant and Bar

Lefke   10.33 km

Ambeli is a must try restaurant while you are staying at Aphrodite. Restaurant is located on top of a hill that looking to Aphrodite bay which has amazing views. Ambeli has fresh fish and serving with local mezzes. Very romantic terrace to drink vine with your loved ones.

+90 (542) 8521940

Swan Of Soli Fish Restaurant

Lefke   9.70 km

Probably the best Fish Mezze restaurant at the region. You can always find fresh fish at Swan Of Soli. Weekends they are performing live music while they are serving your dinner. Reservation needed for weekends!

+90 (533) 8475548

Erson Hoca Organic Farm

Lefke   16.13 km


+90 (533) 8615304

Gondaras Restaurant

Guzelyurt   14.26 km

Gondaras restaurant is another family operated Cyprus Meyhane restaurant. Meyhane means vinehouse and owner has his own wine made from his grapes. Very nicely cooked kebap is their speciality. Winter you can eat at fireplace lounge and summer at their flower garden.

+90 (533) 8244445

Aspava Restaurant

Lefke   9.86 km

The ship restaurant in the sea. This is a place that your children will never forget. There is a wooden ship like a very big playground in the sea and they are serving the food over here. You can eat fish or kebaps or local pide or lahmacun over here. Everything freshly cooked and you can swim before or after your meal.

+90 (392) 7277621

Dillirga Restaurant Yesilirmak

Lefke   14.54 km

Yeilirmak beach is another place to dine and swim. Dillirga is one of the best restaurant at Yesilirmak beach area. Fish and Kebaps you can choose what you like. everything served with mezzes.

+90 (533) 8615003

Istanbul Cafe Restaurant

Guzelyurt   8.03 km

This place is a sports restaurant for young ones. Serving nice burgers and fast food with a big lounge with football matches. They have special tables for games and hookah services available. Just next to Lemar Supermarket

+90 (533) 8644734

Yorgos Restaurant

Guzelyurt   20.61 km

Maria is the owner of this restaurant and her mother is the butcher

Bostanci Border

Guzelyurt   10.90 km


Aplic - Kalopanagiotis border crossing

Lefke   12.27 km

Aplic - Kalopanagiotis border crossing is the shortest road to visit ski resorts at Trodos and Casale Panagotis village hotel.

Yesilirmak - Pirgo border crossing

Lefke   17.83 km

Yesilirmak - Pirgo border crossing is very good for sightseeing. This is the road to Pafos and west mountain villages.

Metehan Kermiya - Agios Dometos border crossing

Nicosia   38.19 km

Metehan border crossing is the main car crossing of Cyprus. It is the busiest border but for first time visiting you need to make car papers from this border.

Lokmaci - Ledra street pedestrian border crossing

Nicosia   41.67 km

Lokmaci - Ledra street pedestrian border crossing is the best place to visit between south and north by walk. Dont forget to take your passports with you if you are visiting Nicosia old city.

Ercan Airport

Nicosia   54.72 km

Ercan Airport is the main airport of North Cyprus. All flights transit through Turkey. Very competitive prices to Europe!

Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca   72.47 km

Larnaca International Airport is the busiest airport of Cyprus.

Soli Basilica

Lefke   9.25 km

Soli is an ancient city on the coast in the gulf of Morphou and dates back to about the 6th century BC. Urban centre was designed by Solon during his 10-year trip, after whom the name Soloi is commonly attributed. Reyes, however, disputes this etymological origin, as the name Soloi appears on the Esarhaddon prism predating Solon's visit. Soloi was one of the ten city-kingdoms into which Cyprus was divided at the time. What remains today is mainly from the Roman period, most notably the mosaic floor of the basilica with its wealth of birds, animals and geometric designs and a picture of a swan. There is a theatre and A trio of ancient underground tombs has been discovered near Soli. The tombs were excavated in 2005 and 2006. Contained many findings according to archaeologists the findings indicate a high level of wealth and power. Some of the vessels found are similar to items typically produced in Athens. The artifacts are on display at the Museum of Archeology and Nature in Morphou. According to ancient written sources the city was supplying Athens with timber and copper and in return getting luxurious metal vessels from there.

Vouni Palace Ruins

Lefke   12.06 km

Vouni palace is 9 km west of Gemikonagi and 250 m above sea level on a cliff top. Its origins are not known with certainty but it is thought to have been build during the Persian occupation in the 5th century B.C. The palace was, burnt down by a fire in 330 B.C. In a later document itswas found that its foundations were destroyed by the soli inhabitants .

Guzelyurt Archaeology Museum

Guzelyurt   8.29 km

Guzelyurt Archaeology and Nature Museum is a must see place.

Blue Mansion

Guzelyurt   20.79 km

Mavi Köşk [The Blue Mansion], home to Makarios’s Italian born Greek lawyer Byron Pavlides, was built in 1957 on the outskirts of Çamlıbel [Myrtou] since 1974 safely inside an Army camp and looked after by the military. it is within a military area you have to leave your passport or kimlik card with the sentry on duty.

Nicosia Old City - Great Inn - Lokmaci Border

Nicosia   41.93 km

Nicosia Old City tour is recommended for everyone to do.

El Sabor Latino Restaurant

Nicosia   41.99 km

One of the best European restaurant you can enjoy while you are on your Nicosia Old City Tour. restaurant located at North of Selimiye Mosque.

Saraba Restaurant

Nicosia   41.98 km

This small family operated restaurant is located at south side of e

Vouni King Restaurant

Lefke   22 km

Vouni King Restaurant is a fish restaurant at Yesilirmak village. They have a large saloon and deck on the water for summer. Yesilirmak is nice village with organic fruits as well.

+90 (533) 8409119

Cengiz Topel Hospital

Lefke   4.02 km

Government Hospital Cengiz Topel. First Aid Services are free.

Karpaz Turtle Beach and Monastery

Karpaz   157.21 km

Karpaz, is a long, finger-like peninsula that is one of the most prominent geographical features of the island of Cyprus. Its farthest extent is Cape Apostolos Andreas, and its major population centre is the town of Rizokarpaso. Wild donkeys could stop your car on the road, so always take some carrots or apple with you to take permission from them to enter the monastery :) . Sipahi village also has an important Basilica.

Famagusta Old City and Ghost Town Varosha

Famagusta   94.56 km

Famagusta city is located on the east coast of Cyprus possesses the deepest harbour of the island. During the medieval period (especially under the maritime republics of Genoa and Venice), Famagusta was the island's most important port city and a gateway to trade with the ports of the Levant, from where the Silk Road merchants carried their goods to Western Europe. In the early 1970s, Famagusta was the number-one tourist destination in Cyprus. To cater to the increasing number of tourists, many new high-rise buildings and hotels were constructed. During its heyday, Varosha was not only the number-one tourist destination in Cyprus, but between 1970 and 1974, it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world,[citation needed] and was a favourite destination of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, and Brigitte Bardot. Varosha's inhabitants fled during the war, when it came under Turkish control, and it has remained abandoned and under the control of the Turkish Armed Forces and it called Ghost City ever since.

Saint Hilarion Castle

Kyrenia   37.26 km

The Saint Hilarion Castle lies on the Kyrenia mountain range. This location provided the castle with command of the pass road from Kyrenia to Nicosia. Starting in the 11th century, the Byzantines began fortification. Saint Hilarion formed the defense of the island with the castles of Buffavento and Kantara against Arab pirates raiding the coast. Some sections were further upgraded under the Lusignan rule, who kings may have used it as a summer residence. Its also called the castle of sleeping beauty. Disney take the story from Cyprus at his visit and draw his first castle with the inspiration of St. Hilarion. We are recommending you to climb up to Queen's window and look at the views.

Kyrenia Harbour and Castle

Kyrenia   42.11 km

Kyrenia is a cultural and economical centre, described as the tourism capital of Northern Cyprus. Horse shoe shaped harbour is one of the most beautiful scene that can be photographed. Harbour is full of Restaurants and Bars to enjoy. Kyrenia Castle is just next to the harbour. The first historical reference to the castle occurs in 1191, when King Richard I of England captured it on his way to the Third Crusade by defeating Isaac Comnenus, an upstart local governor who had proclaimed himself emperor. There is so much wax sculptures and shipwreck museum inside which must see! Our map will lead you to the parking place and harbour and castle is 500 meters walk away.

Terzioglu Horse Riding and Jumping Club

Guzelyurt   10.79 km

Family owned Horse riding club, very reasonable prices for learning and riding horse. They have a cafe and breakfast area for families.

Joya Italiano & Steak House Restorant

Gaziveren   444 m

Joya Italiano & Steak House restorant managed by first Michelin Chef of North Cyprus. You can fine dine by enjoying your Dry Aged Steak or try the Pizzas and Burgers. All delicious.

+90 (542) 8750111

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