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Most surfers like islands. To be surrounded by water is the best feeling in the world! Cyprus is an island with amazing conditions and so much to offer. Morphou Bay is located on the North Western side of the island of Cyprus and is part of the East Mediterranean Sea. The region surrounding the town of Guzelyurt is one of the richest agricultural areas of North Cyprus, particularly famous for the citrus fruits and strawberries. The combination of the mountains together with the beautiful sea and beaches form breath-taking views and makes it a great North Cyprus surf holiday destination.

Mountains from the North and mountains from the South create a wind corridor that causes the significant bay shape. The special conditions of the area are the direct impact of the thermal winds. How the thermal wind is created - The hot air from the island rises and the cold air from the sea enters the island and results in the perfect wind condition which is concentrated between the mountains in Morphou Bay and allows us surfers to enjoy the perfect wind for surfing.

The surfing holiday season in Morphou Bay lasts from March until November and the peak season for surfing is April- May, September- October. Normally the sea is flat from early morning until 12:00, and from noon the wind comes in. These are great conditions to start the day with relaxing SUP and after brunch take a kite and start the extreme surfing fun. Morphou Bay has 4 main areas for surfing:

Two spots of the four are open beaches with no rocks and white gold sand. Modernisation has not yet influenced these unspoilt virgin beaches. There are no buildings close by and the beaches are purely water and sand. Occasionally at these spots we experience a swell, a dream come true for surfers! One area has flat water which is good for teaching and for beginners.

Even for free-style Kite Surfing and for flat watersports these spots are great! The last spot is Aphrodite Beach which has an artificial bay that forms a sand-bar. When the wind comes in it raises a wave that adds an extreme feeling to the surfing experience.

Aphrodite Beach Front offers superior apartment self catering accommodation right on the sea front, along with many facilities such as: chef operated Restaurant open 7 days a week, 3 swimming pools, mini golf Gym, Spa with treatment massages from Bali, Kids play room, Guest lounge, Yoga room, Beach Bar, transportation/taxi services. All of that and more, so you can enjoy the ultimate Kite Surfing holiday in North Cyprus!

  • Kitesurfing
  • Wind Surfing
  • SUP (Stand Up PaddleBoard)
  • Wave Surfing
  • Water Skiing
  • Bike Rentals
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Jet Ski and Tubing Rides

Aphrodite Surf School

Aphrodite Surf School is located at Aphrodite Beachfront Resort, Gaziveren, North Cyprus. The resort and school is located directly on “The Spot”, perfect for family holidays. The Surf School offers Lessons, Rentals, Sales and Repairs for all types of Surfing. The School also has a boutique selling the latest swim and surf fashion swim suits, clothing and accessories.


Kitesurfing School

Aphrodite's location - Morphou bay - boasts the best place for kitesurfing that the whole of Cyprus would be proud of! Book your next surf holiday with our first Kitesurfing School in North Cyprus. For groups or individuals, they will set the pace and schedule that works for you. Groups can enjoy group discounts, meals, and even beach parties as our event planner creates the perfect surf getaway for your needs. Our comfortable self catering accommodations combined with our kitesurfing school and kitesurfing shop all being right on the “spot”, this is the hidden surf location that the whole family can enjoy!

Aphrodite Airlines also boasts a hip Surf Shop with all the latest styles for Women, Men and Chidlren. Surf Board, Wind Surf, Paddle Board and Kite Equiptment is all available for rent or new for sale. The professional, certified staff with guide you to the best options for your needs.

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